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Gift ideas for 2018

Updated: Nov 13, 2018

While I would prefer that we place value on the time that we spend together more than material objects, I know that many of my friends and family prefer to give physical gifts. We have plenty of "stuff" so coming up with a wish list is actually quite difficult.

As a cat-mom I can never have enough cat related items. My cats love the hot pepper toy that I bought back in April and I would heartily recommend it and any of the other shapes made by the same company:

As a freelancer, I'm interested in tracking my time more effectively. Unlike Zei or Timeular, Timeflip does not require a subscription and is less than $99. Like many freelancers, I run on coffee, but I often get carried away in my projects and my coffee gets cold. Solution? A coffee warmer.

I tend to live in a "uniform" of v-neck shirts, skinny jeans, and keds. Are Keds more Taylor Swift or more Mister Rogers? Either way, I could always use replacements. I have paint splatters on my black leather crashbacks and the cat ones that my lovely boyfriend gifted me are well worn (also well loved). In most shoes I wear a 7.5, but in Keds I wear an 8.


And now my "head in the clouds" items. I don't expect to get these and could only imagine getting them if everyone went in together to get them.

Jon would like to take me on an international vacation. I don't even remember the french that I took in high school and I don't know any foreign languages. I have tried Rosetta Stone and DuoLingo, but the only one that I've had success with is the trial of Fluenz. I've had my eye on it for a number of years now. It breaks down language in a way that's easy for adults to understand and teaches you things to actually communicate (how many times am I actually going to say "She is a girl" while travelling?)

When I first saw the Silhouette and Cricut machines, I didn't think much of them. They just seemed like overpriced things for scrap-bookers. However, this newest Cricut machine, the maker can cut fabric and even some types of wood when using the knife blade.


To see my entire Amazon Wishlist click here: and Jon's wishlist:

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