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Are there additional expenses to getting a website up?

What all goes into the process?

I try to gather as much information as I can about your business, but I may need your help. Here are just a few of the things that I may go over in a meeting with you.


Do you currently have a website? Facebook page? Instagram business account? If not that’s ok, but you may need to provide me with more information about your business.

What is your brand like? I can create a visual brand board for you based on information that you provide or from your Instagram to get a feeling of who you are, what you do, and what colors mesh with your brand’s personality. Colors and imagery help give me an idea of what fonts and other design elements will work for you.

Are there other websites in your industry that you like? That you hate? How about a website that isn’t necessarily selling what you are, but that your potential customers likely visit or shop at? For example, for the project for Bridal Fabric we figured out that our most likely customer would be looking at bridesmaid dress websites more than fabric websites, so we wanted to make their experience similar. Who is your target market? And no, “everyone” is not an answer to this question.

Do you already have content ready to go? If you need help coming up with copy and photos I can help with that or you can provide your own.

What functionality will you need? Ability to book clients? Ability to sell things? Inventory management?

I prefer to set up more than a website for you, I want you to have a well-rounded web presence including the ability to show up on search engines, social media, and if you are a local business to show up on Google Maps. Let’s make sure that they are all connected so that your customers can find you.

Do you want ongoing management? I can manage your website and social media accounts for you or I can hand it off to you and teach you how to do it. I also offer catalog management for e-commerce.

How do your images look? Do they need to be edited? Brightened? Photo editing is an add-on service that I provide, but it much easier if you have the original photos.

What is your budget? Do you want to pay monthly or yearly for your website? To look professional, I want to get you on your own domain without any unwanted ads. We can talk about the different pricing options for this.

With all of these things going into a consultation, many of my clients prefer to meet in person. I’m here to help. Call, email, or schedule a free, no obligation consultation.

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